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Gift Certificate: 22 Day TARA Painting Meditation Challenge

Gift Certificate: 22 Day TARA Painting Meditation Challenge

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Do you want to create a Spiritual Painting Practice?



Hmmm… a 22 Day Challenge…

We are being called to paint each aspect of TARA, weaving our energies and consciousness into the strength, wisdom and protective energies of THE Goddess of Compassion.

So, I found a wonderful book that takes us through each of the aspects, and with this book and TARA herself as my guide, I created this experience to share with you.

In this course, I model for you exactly how to weave together your spiritual and painting practice.

You will learn SO much about yourself as you learn about the divine feminine qualities as modeled in TARA. We were not taught the divine feminine super powers growing up. It was all about the masculine qualities of strength, speed and grit.

YOU have divine feminine qualities that will transform your life.

Tara wants to guide you on this journey.

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