The Whitney Freya Collection

My name is Whitney and I passionately believe we are all meant to live our best lives. And that begins with surrounding ourselves with beauty - and the treasures found in nature.

By utilizing the magic of nature and eclectically ever sphere, my art helps you transform your sacred space into a place that exudes peace, positivity, and higher vibrations.

Everything About The Winged Serpent

This is the story of Quetzalcoatl, the creator god of Mesoamerica. It starts with Quetzalcoatl as a scared little snake, hiding in the cave to avoid being seen by others. After seeing the reflection of wings behind him in his watery cave, he desires these wings and wishes for them to be gifted to him by the gods. After merging with the sun and surrendering to its light, he is gifted with wings. He pledges that he will fly around the earth to help others find their greatest dreams and make them come true! This painting blesses your home or work space with belief that your wildest dreams can also become reality!

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    Awesome Artwork!

    The wall art was very well drawn and it looks very aesthetic when hang on the wall of our house. It's simple but gives the place a much better scenery.

    Very Beautiful <3

    I really love the colors. It matches very well with the theme of our home. It's very boho and the colors are just on point with all of my other decors!

    I love it so much!

    It's so well done and the design is just absolutely perfect in my room. My bed and desk setup matches perfectly well with my new wall art. It completes the vibe I'm going for.