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The Winged Serpent Painting

The Winged Serpent Painting

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30” x 10” acrylic on thick, gallery wrapped canvas

Quetzalcoatl is the winged serpent and god of Mesoamerican history. I was inspired to learn his story after spending time with Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz. The story of Quetzalcoatl begins with him as a scared little snake, hiding in the cave to avoid being seen. He is coaxed into the light by the rain god who floods the cave. When Quetzalcoatl looks into the water under him, he sees reflected behind him the wings of a big, beautiful bird and he wished for those wings. The gods hear his plea and after merging with the sun and surrendering to its light, he is gifted wings. He vows to fly around the earth to help others to create their greatest dreams into reality. I painted this after returning from Guatemala to shoot Art Gypsy the Owl Painting Experience and flying my own rainbow “wing” / paraglider! I feel so fortunate to be able to fly! This painting will bless you with belief that your wildest dreams can also become reality! 


30” x 10”



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