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SOLD - Quan Yin of Light & Shadow Painting

SOLD - Quan Yin of Light & Shadow Painting

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20” x 24” Acrylic on thick, gallery wrapped canvas

I love painting aspects of the divine feminine because they radiate such loving and powerful energy. The story of Quan Yin always reminds me to connect to my own center. She achieved enlightenment as a woman and when she was encouraged (by the male priests / monks) to get on with it and come back as a man--it was embarrassing to them that a woman could achieve this level of spiritual vibration--she vowed to remain incarnate as a WOMAN forever and to serve humanity with her compassion. In this painting she is also radiating mother eARTh energy, with the cycles of light & dark in the mandala surrounding her. She tells you that she loves ALL of you, the light and the dark, the acceptable and the un-acceptable. She brings to you whatever wisdom you need to stay in motion, to cycle into a period of abundance and self-compassion. And so it is.″


20” x 24”



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